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Bola Tangkas - 7 Stud Video Poker
Bola Tangkas is Video Poker that you get deal 7 cards, however only the first card and the third card are revealed to you at first. You then have the choice of betting every time a card is revealed to you,or just choosing "Draw" for the video poker game to reveal all your cards.
7 Stud Poker is played with a 54-card deck (52 regular deck and 2 Joker).
The Joker can replace any card in the combination.
Button & Keyboard Function
Keyboard Button Function
<W> or <UP> + Increase Bet
<A> or <RIGHT> - Decrease Bet
<D> or <LEFT> DEAL Deal Bet
<S> or <DOWN> DRAW Draw All Card
<A> or <RIGHT> COLL Tranfer / Collect
<F> FULL HOUSE Change Full House Bonus
  CASHIER Make Deposit
  EXIT Exit Game
Bonus Rollover
Everytime You bet, bonus rollover will be adding by point.
The maximum bonus:
- 4 of Kind : max 1000c
- Straight Flush : max 2000c
- 5 of Kind : max 4000c
- Royal Flush : max 10000c
Bonus is received for "4 of kind" and up, and will multiply by once every time bet increase 50 coins

Bonus Full House
When You get Full House and the 3 of kind combination same with the Full House you chosed, you will get bonus 10 x bet.

Bonus JP
Bonus JP is a random bonus, sometimes player will get a JP bonus.

Bonus Pure
Bonus score will be double for combination below.
- 4 of Kind without joker
- Straight Flush without joker
- Royal Flush without joker

Bonus Full Bet
Every Bet 50 coins (applies multiply) of 4 times deal, will get bonus Full bet. Bonus wager applies for:
- 4 of Kind : 1000c
- Straight Flush : 2000c
- 5 of Kind : 4000c
- Royal Flush : 10000c

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