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The table for the Classic Roulette contains the spinning wheel and the layout. The wheel includes cells numbered from 1 to 36 and a Zero-cell. Half of the 36 cells is black, and the other half is red. The numbers from 1 to 36 are arranged in three columns. The color of the numbers on the layout corresponds to their color on the wheel. In the right side of the layout there are special areas for the bets on the Equal Chances: red/black, odd/even, low/high. Here there are also the Dozen Bets. In the upper part of the columns there is Zero (0). And in the lower part there are areas for the Column Bets.

How to bet
To make a necessary bet you should choose a chip and transfer it to the necessary field on the table. If you have already chosen a chip, the bets can be made just by clicking on the necessary areas. Every click adds one more chip to the bet. The sum of all bets should not exceed the limit of the table set by the Player. To cancel the bets, press “Clear Bet” button. To repeat the bets of the previous round you can press “Repeat Bet” button.

There are many types of the bets in the roulette. The Player can make as many different bets as he wishes, no limit bet of the table.


Payout Odds
Bet Place Payout Odds
Straight 35 : 1
Split 17 : 1
Street 11 : 1
Corner 8 : 1
Line 5 : 1
Dozen 2 : 1
Column 2 : 1
High/Low 1 : 1
Odd/Even 1 : 1
Red/Black 1 : 1
If You bet $1 on Straight and win, you will get $36.
If You bet $1 on Odd/Even and win, you will get $2.

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